Exploring the Forward Momentum of Mobile Advertising

Exploring the Forward Momentum of Mobile Advertising

Mobile phones outnumber TVs by 4-1. PCs by 3-1. It’s time to enter the mobile advertising sector. Are you ready to shift more focus to advertising on mobile devices?

ComScore reports that 7% of U.S. web traffic comes from smartphones and tablets. The report goes on to mention nearly two-thirds of that traffic comes from mobile phones.

Borrell reports nearly 20% of local marketing budgets will be spent on local mobile advertising this year. Poynter.org says mobile ad spend will increase sevenfold by 2015.

Entering the mobile advertising scene comes with barriers and problems. Popular media middlemen, such as Groupon, make it difficult to target advertising to the most interested consumers. Many consumers are annoyed by full-screen, ill-targeted ads that block mobile apps for up to 15 seconds at a time. How will you advertise effectively?

Here are four considerations for your mobile advertising…

–  Consider the positive results of viral marketing. Friends share fun, useful and relevant content. Text your opt-in customers. Better yet, have them text you about an offer. Do this in a way that encourages offer sharing, and you’ll put your offer in more hands.

–  Mashable reports Facebook may include mobile ads as soon as March of this year. You probably know the positive impacts of highly targeted Facebook advertising. Imagine what mobile advertising with a potential reach of 1 billion users can do.

–  When planning for mobile ad placement within mobile apps, think about the app’s audience. Do these consumers fit your target market demographics? If you focus advertising in the same way you target users on Facebook, you’ll have better results.

–  In 2011, paid ad click-through rate is 38% higher on tablets than on PCs. 10% of consumers click paid advertisements on handheld devices. This, according to the report by Marin Software, means mobile is a viable new medium for paid advertisers.

With help reaching consumers on mobiles, contact us.

If Apple capitalizes on that patent-pending 3-D smartphone technology anytime soon, we’ll have a lot more to consider. Until then, let’s keep it simple: relevant content delivered to the right audience yields results, revenue and brand value…always.

Whether you employ text message marketing or bring offline shoppers online with compelling advertising and aptly placed QR codes, plan your mobile strategy well.

This is the year to be leading business with smart mobile advertising campaigns.


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