QR Codes

Where Is QR Code Marketing Used?

Turn on the TV. See that black-and-white square on the car ad? Look up the street. Spot the poster with the same thing? These “quick response codes” are everywhere. QR codes offer the latest way to interact.

How Can QR Code Advertising Help?

QR codes advertising gives you the power to engage customers anywhere. With QR codes, you’re not just advertising or marketing, you’re creating an environment where engagement with your brand can occur.

Your Pick of QR Code Companies

Inflexion Interactive helps Fortune 1,000 businesses realize the potential of QR codes. Companies point to us for QR code strategies.

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The Webby Awards

Inflexion Interactive has been recognized by the Webby Awards as an Official Honoree for our work with D'Angelico Guitars and the Theatre Development Fund.

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