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The Evolution of a Legacy: From Web Design Storytelling to a Branded Social Network
Real-time Peer-to-Peer Mobile App Promotion
A Lesson in Reinvention
Responsive web design for your customers
Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC)
The Power of Stevens
Shiny Teeth in the Spotlight: A Rise in Responsive Website Traffic
RVCC Moments Campaign
Simple UX Leads to Increased Conversions
Reach More Student Applicants Worldwide
Promote a Top European Spirit in the U.S.
Help Fans Sing to Fresh Tomatoes
Spark a Lot of Love for Fresh Tomatoes
Build Your Brand, Branch by Branch, with a Cross-Platform Website
Give website visitors a few reasons to smile
Refreshing the Leader in Sports Flooring with Responsive Web Design
Raise Awareness for a Key NYC Charity
Dip into Social Media
Mobile Users Matter
Adapt to Their Screens
Inform Your Customers
Keep Their Attention
Frost King Empowers Homeowners Online
Make Healthcare Research Data Accessible
Play with Your Product
Make Their Mouths Water
Build an Owner-friendly Website
Re-create Sweet Memories
Evaluate Your Email Campaign
Enhance the Cut of Your Jib
Better Look, Better Luck
Please More Palates with a Website Redesign
Give Back to Your Community
Create a Winning Contest Site
Be Kind to Your Students
Engage Your Clients
Inspire Your Peers Online
Introduce Product Customization
Rally Your Redeemers
Treat Them Well
Make It Easy on the Eyes
Designed for Web & Mobile Interactivity
Turn Photos into Works of Art
Build Your Community
Make It Easy to Find
Teach Your Visitors How to Craft
Fulfill the Need for Your Niche
Create a Page-turner Online
Show Them You Care
Illuminate Your Buyers
Great Day for a Dip
Healthcare Network for Busy People on the Go
Site Built for Mobile
Website Made with all the Right Ingredients
The Webby Awards
Inflexion Interactive has been recognized by the Webby Awards as an Official Honoree for our work with D'Angelico Guitars and the Theatre Development Fund.
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