Bring Them Closer When They Want to Get Away

Bring Them Closer When They Want to Get Away

It’s almost time for summer vacations. Whether your travelers enjoy a staycation or a far-off adventure, many budget-conscious vacationers go online to book a travel deal. A large group of travelers use their smartphones to seek and book travel deals online.

Beyond handy travel apps, such as TripAdvisor for mobile or tablet PCs, WorldMate and SeatGuru, travelers are starting to use innovative mobile apps to book getaways on the fly. Kayak, Groupon Getaways and even Expedia connect mobile users to travel deals.

Why is this important? 38% of travelers surveyed by TripAdvisor use their smartphones to book a trip. According to that same TripAdvisor survey, 60% of mobile device users have downloaded mobile apps for booking vacations. Will they interact with your brand?

While this hasn’t caught on in a huge way just yet, it is something we want you to consider. It’s an opportunity to begin communicating with your travelers in a new way. It shows you’re comfortable with new technology, and that’s appealing to a rapidly growing number of mobile Web participants. When they book travel online, they find you. Right?

Some innovative hospitality brands and partners are already realizing success with mobile app presence. Travelers can explore detailed hotel information or view a calendar of local events relevant to their vacation destinations. Some book entire vacations. Others change itineraries. A few even check in and check out from the app.

Whether you plan on capitalizing on the lowering cost of mobile app development to create your own proprietary app or you plan on improving your mobile Web presence on partner mobile travel apps, think about how your travelers will want to connect with you.

As more travelers pick up their smartphones and tablets to plan vacations, we want to help you be a part of it—for globetrotting transactions and for global wanderlust.

To explore the mobile Web for your hospitality business, contact Inflexion Interactive.

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