Drupal & Acquia: A Match Made in Higher Ed Heaven

Drupal & Acquia: A Match Made in Higher Ed Heaven

Welcome back to InflexTech! In this installment we take a look at what seems to be the college website dream team: Drupal and Acquia.

Not familiar? Want to know more? Check out our video below where we lay out what Drupal and Acquia are, how they work together and why colleges, like Stevens Institute of Technology, are choosing to build their higher ed websites using the two.

So what is Drupal?

As Inflexion’s Vincent Mazza tells us, Drupal is an enterprise class CMS that allows educational institutions and companies alike the ability to create world class web experiences for their users and customers. It’s free and has a huge community that is constantly testing and building upon the framework.

You say this is the choice CMS for colleges?

According to this great infographic by Acquia, 26% of all .edu sites are using Drupal (double its nearest competitor, WordPress). Within that, 71% of the top 100 universities, including all 8 Ivy Leagues, choose Drupal.

When we spoke to Aaron Gary, Director of Enterprise Web Systems at Stevens Institute of Technology, located in Hoboken, NJ, he said the biggest appeal that converted Stevens to the Drupal-side was the strong community and ability to handle all the features and functionality a world-class university like Stevens needed.

And Acquia is?

There can be some confusion with Acquia and Drupal because they were founded by the same man, Dries Buytaert, but they are 2 separate entities.

As defined by Drupal Gardens, Acquia helps colleges, government agencies, healthcare institutions and companies use Drupal to successfully meet their website development needs. This is done by providing products, hosting platforms, services, and technical support. Let’s just say when it comes to hosting enterprise Drupal sites, Acquia has quickly become the standard.

The two together are unstoppable in higher education?

That’s what you have to watch to find out!


Let us know if your website was built using Drupal and Acquia and what you think. Or tell us if you’re planning to use the two for your next website redesign.

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