5 Reasons You Should Be at DrupalCon 2015 Barcelona

5 Reasons You Should Be at DrupalCon 2015 Barcelona

Inflexion Interactive is heading to Barcelona, Spain for the 2015 European DrupalCon. Our fearless leader, Scott Delea, will be spending September 21-25 at the CCIB immersed in all things Drupal.

Not sure what DrupalCon is?

DrupalCon is the official monicker the Drupal community has given their annual web conferences. Thousands of developers, engineers, users and business people gather 3 times a year to learn from one another, participate in sprints, improve the CMS and to get to know each other face-to-face.

DrupalCon Barcelona is the third and final conference this year, the previous two taking place in Los Angeles and Bogotá, Colombia.


One reason we’re so excited to be a part of DrupalCon this time around is because of the community. Drupal’s community, which in total comprises over 1 million developers and users, is one of the most technical and advanced out there. Simply put, they’re the best of the best. Who better to attend the conference with than the people improving Drupal services every single day?

Check out 4 more reasons we’re pumped to attend DrupalCon Barcelona.

1. Networking!

You’re not going to be in the room with the world’s best Drupal developers and not take advantage of the networking! Drupal’s community isn’t just one of the most technically advanced, it’s also one of the friendliest.

At DrupalCon, everyone comes together with the same goal: to learn from one another and improve Drupal so it remains one of the best CMSs available. We’re looking forward to meeting and making connections with web developers and users from all over the world.

2. Acquia is hosting their Partner Summit on 9/21

One event we’re most excited to check out while in Barcelona is Acquia’s Partner Summit on Monday, September 21st. Acquia will be sharing strategies, best practices and tips for both their services and Drupal, as well as holding an interchange of ideas between those in attendance.

As a responsive web design agency, we have partnered with Acquia for many of our clients on their Drupal web design projects. They’re THE Drupal experts and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

If you’re interested in attending, sign up here.

3. Barcelona is the “smartest” city in the world

DrupalCon Barcelona

No, we’re not talking about standardized tests.

Barcelona is at the forefront of the “smart city” movement.

Smart cities are urban hubs that use technology and data to monitor and enhance the quality of services, lower costs and engage citizens.

Since 2011, Barcelona has been implementing digital technologies, such as sensors that measure how fill trash cans are or lampposts that monitor crowds, noise, weather and traffic, with hopes to increase efficiency and decrease wasteful spending. Still a relatively new practice, the rewiring of Barcelona has already resulted in some impressive results.

Barcelona is leading a revolution that will surely sweep every major city soon enough. We can’t wait to see the movement first hand. We couldn’t think of a better city to congregate with some of the best developers out there.

4. To be the best in the world, you need to be world-wide!

We’ve worked hard to be the best in New Jersey (we were just named one of NJBiz’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in New Jersey!) and we’re ready to expand our Inflexion footprint passed the Hudson. Next stop… Spain!


If you’ll be at DrupalCon or in Barcelona between September 21-25, let us know. We’ll get the drinks.

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