Infographic: Do You Know Where Gen Z is Online?

Infographic: Do You Know Where Gen Z is Online?

Generation Z is the “curation generation.” As the first age group born and raised in a digital world, Gen Z relies heavily on technology and social networks for communication. As a result, marketers have had to reevaluate strategies and tactics to reach today’s teens. It has become clear that perfecting your social media strategy is essential when it comes to engaging Gen Z. However, with 71% of teens using more than 1 social network, we know it’s not easy.

Each social network fulfills different needs for teens. If your brand or institution isn’t following proper etiquette or is misusing channels you will most definitely not find fans in Gen Z. In fact, abusing social media can permanently turn Gen Z away from your brand or institution. Teens expect a give-and-take from social media. Understanding how Generation Z uses each channel will help marketers better communicate their message, thus leading to a more engaged audience.

One of the biggest challenges today is knowing which social networks and apps Gen Z loves. With so many new channels popping up it’s incredibly difficult to keep track of where Gen Z is online. Where do they go for news? (Twitter and Facebook) Where do they share their lives? (Snapchat and Instagram) How do they kill time? (YouTube and Dubsmash)

Inflexion has compiled Gen Z’s favorite social networks and apps to help you not only reach Gen Z but engage them. Check out our infographic below and the accompanying blog for more details on the platforms.

Gen Z Online Infographic

If you are interested in more information about Gen Z, check out our “Who is Gen Z?” infographic, as well as our blog posts:

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