Matt Hampton on Why Mobile First Is Best

Matt Hampton on Why Mobile First Is Best

Mobile experiences for apps, websites and communities are usually built after the PC-console version is planned, designed and coded. Inflexion Interactive’s Matt Hampton, like many others who have studied the quick rise in mobile communication device sales, believes these experiences should be created for mobile first. We agree. Here’s why…

Mobile communication device sales continue to rise, and smartphones are among a growing majority. There are 1.2 billion mobile Web users. They have accounted for 4.3 per cent of total Web page views in Jan 2011. That is now 8.5 per cent in Jan 2012.

As more smartphone users access the Web from their handheld devices, they may dominate Web browsing statistics by as soon as 2015, according to IDC. Why, before 2015, should website architects pursue a mobile-first approach? Matt explains…

“Having a mobile-first approach is a win-win for any viewing experience. Console viewers enjoy a clean, precise presentation, and mobile viewers don’t have to adjust.”

Mobile-first strategies force businesses to focus on what’s important to share. What elements are necessary? What features need to be removed? “Such an approach means better planning for a better user experience on any device,” says Matt.

In addition to sharpened focus, a mobile-first approach makes way for a more engaging experience. Mobile app developers and mobile site specialists have recently pushed through the boundaries of Javascript and other programming tools to create a responsive, dynamic presentation, allowing mobile users to interact with your site.

“Instead of clicking around, mobile users can really play with a mobile site or app,” says Matt. “With such exciting programming options, we’re beginning to see the mobile experience, not the PC-console experience, as the key component to build a brand on.”

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