Our Top Five Mobile Health Apps

Our Top Five Mobile Health Apps

Pharmaceutical marketers have started to produce mobile applications. This is in response to an onslaught of health-related apps for smartphones.

“So many different health apps are popping up,” says Joseph Kim, MD, MPH, VP of Medical Affairs and Technology at Medical Communications Media, Inc., originally reported by John Mack, “PharmaGuy,” on Pharma Marketing News. “How do you as a consumer or a physician, know which ones are reliable or which are accurate?”

The FDA may address medical mobile app regulation, according to their July 2011 press release. In the meantime, though, pharmaceutical marketers can gather inspiration to create your own health-focused mobile app by looking at current trends. Which pharma mobile apps are a hit?

To help you begin, here are our top five consumer healthcare-related mobile apps…

1. iTriage. A new consumer healthcare mobile app that empowers patients with disease-focused information and various prescription treatment options, including side effects, common brand names, forgotten dosage guidelines and tips on medication storage. Medication Tracker for iPhone® is another possible contender for this Rx niche.

2. Lose It. A healthcare mobile app that helps dieters count calories by keeping a food diary. Other similar mobile apps include Diet Tracker and SparkPeople for iPhone®.

3. Absolute Fitness for Android®. An exercise-focused mobile app helps consumers keep track of healthy activity, such as cardio routines, calisthenics and weight lifting.

4. Pocket First Aid and CPR. This mobile app is a first aid decision guide for iPhone®.

5. My Personal Health Record for Blackberry®. Keep track of one’s own medical history.

There are many more within this category. You can explore more health apps here.

Other mobile apps can help physicians diagnose patients more effectively. For example: A sensor on a patient can send signals to either the patient’s phone or the doctor’s phone to track asthma attacks. Read how Google Health is empowering this innovation.

Whether you’re exploring healthcare-focused mobile app development to engage consumers or to assist medical doctors, Inflexion Interactive’s team of healthcare marketers can help you create the best solution. Explore how we helped HealthBridge.

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