QUIZ: Is it Time for a New Website?

QUIZ: Is it Time for a New Website?

Ever find yourself searching the web and wondering, "Does my website compare to what others are doing?"

With so many different technologies, devices, channels and tools changing everyday it can be difficult to keep up with what is considered a "modern" new website. But with 75% of people judging your business based on your company's website, maintaining a cutting-edge web presence is critical in order for your brand to not only sustain, but thrive.

Through Inflexion’s experience, knowledge and algorithm, we have created this quick quiz to tell whether or not it's time to finally update your website.

What are you waiting for? Find out if your website is ready for 2016!

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The Webby Awards

Inflexion Interactive has been recognized by the Webby Awards as an Official Honoree for our work with D'Angelico Guitars and the Theatre Development Fund.

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