InflexTech: Virtual Reality is Here. Are You Ready?

InflexTech: Virtual Reality is Here. Are You Ready?

Now that October 21, 2015 has come and gone, many tech enthusiasts have made comparisons between the future depicted in the 1980’s classic Back to the Future Part II and what we actually have at our disposal today. While we may not have flying cars or hover boards (yet!), we do have “holographic movies” and “video glasses” (or at least some version of them).

That’s what made Techweek New York 2015 so exciting. The tech industry is booming and innovation is endless. From virtual reality to silent discos and giphys, Techweek had it all.

InflexTech sat down with Katy Lynch, Techweek’s super smart and super talented CEO, and Sivan Iram, VR guru and General Manager at River Studios, to find out where tech is heading in 2016 and beyond.

Hint: It won’t be uncommon to be in 2 places at once.

What is Techweek?

As Katy Lynch, Techweek CEO, tells us, “Techweek is a week-long traveling tech festival which takes place in 6 cities domestically and one internationally.”

Founded in 2011 in Chicago with about 2,500 attendees, the festival has grown to become THE event highlighting underrated tech communities across the country and internationally. As Katy says, there are so many entrepreneurs, engineers, developers, etc. all over and Techweek’s goal is to celebrate those unsung heroes who may not necessarily be in Silicon Valley.

Currently, Techweek travels to Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and for the first time this year, Havana, Cuba. To see if Techweek is coming to a city near you, visit techweek.com.

VR is the platform of the future

If you missed the social or mobile bandwagons, this is the one movement you want to hitch yourself onto.

As Sivan says, people will look back at this time in VR as “the good ol’ days.”

Just as with the TV, radio and the iPhone, VR will be one of those technologies we all look back on and wonder how we ever functioned without it.

From entertainment to music to real estate to education and just hanging out with friends in a different state, VR is going to not only change the way people interact and communicate but live their day-to-day lives.

How can you get involved in VR now? Check out Sivan’s tips above and visit river.co for more information on VR.


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