Wearable Health Technology for Mobile Healthcare

Wearable Health Technology for Mobile Healthcare

Wearable health technology empowers patients to take better care of themselves. It helps caregivers diagnose and monitor medical conditions. It assists in remote procedures. It helps patients manage pain. Plus it makes personal fitness, perhaps, a little more fun. What does wearable health technology mean to your health business’ capacity to provide care, 24-7.

It can help minimize increasing healthcare provider costs. It can help you remain top-of-mind as healthcare businesses continue to fight for attention on the Web. Wearable technology can certainly improve the way you take good care of your community’s health. Sourcing the best wearable solutions, updating physical infrastructure and streamlining digital assets, such as a responsive site or a mobile app, are key to longterm success in a highly connected marketplace.

What wearables are there? What can your healthcare business do with wearable health tech?

Wearable-graphicThere are many new diagnostic medical solutions. There are do-it-yourself electrocardiograms (ECGs) that use smartphones, software and portable devices to monitor heart rate. Apple is poised to redefine mobile health and fitness tracking with iWatch and iOS8’s Healthbook, rumored to launch later this year. ABI Research predicts wearable health-related monitoring devices will reach 80 billion by 2016. IMS Research says sales will reach $2.9 billion that year.

Why should your healthcare business start to consider wearable health technology in 2014?

7 out of 10 U.S. adults have used health tech devices to track various health data for themselves or for someone else. Of those who have used these health tech devices, such as realtime locating systems and heart rate monitors, 34% have shared results (Source: Pew).   As consumers become more involved in managing their own health, they seek new ways to make sense of their medical conditions. It’s only natural that healthcare businesses follow suit.

More custom-developed wearable health technology enters the market every day. As more watches, such as the Pebble Steel Smart Watch; fit bands, such as Razer Nabu; retina displays, clasps; smart clothes; and voice activated collars enter the market, healthcare businesses have the chance to leverage these new devices to empower caregivers and educate patients on the importance of managing health and wellbeing without having to wait in a crowded waiting room.

Imagine the possibilities of wearable health technology for your healthcare company. Let us know what you think about this upward trend. Tweet, contact us.

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