Play with Your Product

VMware® is an IT solutions company. While developing ways to communicate the value of IT business solutions, the company looked to us to help develop and market an online game.

This site invited visitors to play with datacenter consolidation, a topic that’s usually presented in a complex way. We provide…

  • Flash-based game creation
  • Responsive website design
  • HTML5 website development
  • Parallax scrolling design

This 1970s arcade-inspired online game triples the number of visits to VMware’s datacenter consolidation page.

We have also designed custom online games to engage consumers Sabra Dipping Co. and others.

Need a fun game for your product? Let’s play.

Play with Your Product Play with Your Product Play with Your Product Play with Your Product
The Webby Awards

Inflexion Interactive has been recognized by the Webby Awards as an Official Honoree for our work with D'Angelico Guitars and the Theatre Development Fund.

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