5 Ways to Build a Gen Z-Friendly Website

5 Ways to Build a Gen Z-Friendly Website

Gen Z has high expectations when it comes to their online experience. Why? For starters, they are the first generation to be raised completely in a digital world. Because of that they expect information to be instantaneous and every online experience seamless. So how can you make sure your website is up to Gen Z’s standards? Read on for 5 ways you can make sure your website is Gen Z-friendly.

1. Mobile-Friendly Website

Gen Z Mobile WebsitesIn a recent Pew Research study, 24% of teens reported being online “almost constantly” and nearly 3/4 said they have access to a smartphone. Combine that with the fact that the average Gen Zer multitasks across 5 screens and it’s pretty obvious you need to have a mobile-friendly website. Your site can be either an adaptive or responsive website, but no matter which way you go it needs to allow for a positive user experience on any device. Which brings us to our next point…

2. Clear, Concise UX

You must have a good user experience! It is the number one rule when building a website for Gen Z.

While a user-friendly website should be a given for any age group, it is especially crucial for teens. They know nothing of the the days when home pages were less than the stunning, interactive designs you see today, and thus have less tolerance for anything that disrupts their navigation of the web.

Nielson Norman Group conducted a research study that found teens prefer clean, crisp designs with lots of space, as well as short, concise copy and engaging images. Basically, keep it simple and keep it clean.

3. Bite-size, Engaging Content

The average attention span of Gen Z is 8 seconds. They (obviously very quickly) become bored, frustrated or distracted when it comes to web content. So make sure to create content for an impatient audience. If your website is full of dense copy, Gen Z will be onto the next page without a second thought.

4. Give Them Control of Social

Gen-Z website social sharing

Yes, Gen Z is an extremely social generation; they rely on technology for most social communication. However, they don’t share just anything. Today’s teens are very particular about what content they associate with their social channels and don’t want to feel duped or tricked into posting.

If you want to enable Gen Z to not only enjoy your website but share your content, then give them the control. When offering sharing options, include email. The above mentioned Nielson Norman Group study found that teens prefer using email more than millennials to share content due to the protective nature over their social accounts and preference for anonymity.

5. Fast Load Times

Slow-loading websites are a deal-breaker with Gen Z. If your website is slow or buggy, Gen Z will not have the patience for it and bounce immediately.

When building your website, it is important to remember most teens, although tech innate, are working on older computers. Don’t make your website busy with fancy features or plug-ins. Yes, Gen Z likes interactive content but only if it works seamlessly. If your site is taking too much time to load because of crazy features, you’ll lose them. Keep content engaging and entertaining, and you’ll have a winning website with Generation Z.


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